watermelonWHAT is ORGANIC

Organic food is food derived from organic farming, which refers to produce that has been farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, meaning that such food has been grown ideally in its untouched natural surroundings. Organic cultivation strives to retain the richness, authenticity and breadth of flavors that food has to offer. This allows us as consumers, to be in tune with the unadulterated essence that nature has bestowed upon us.


We believe that eating organic is an intuitive precursor to eating healthy, nutritious and delicious foods. Eating healthy certainly does not mean that one has to compromise on taste or variety; we see organic eating as an avenue towards a holistic, healthy and active lifestyle. More often than not, many of these organic products may be additionally classified as specialty foods, such as being gluten-free, glucose-free and vegan foods. We also believe firmly in the importance of fair-trade farming and sustainable farming; hence, we strive to provide products that respect animals, farmers and the environment.

WHO certifies ORGANIC

At Eat Organic, we pride ourselves on bringing in organic produce and products of the highest quality, ensuring that the relevant organic certification bodies, such as the USDA from the US, NASSA from Australia, BioGro from New Zealand and the Soil Association from the UK have certified these to high and exacting standards of organic cultivation.


We strive to provide produce and products of utmost quality and freshness, and this is in part accredited to our established connections with professional and informed suppliers from countries all over the world, including the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. A selection of locally grown produce is also available in store.


The organic movement has gained considerable traction in the last couple of years; in response to the growing concerns associated with the inexorable rise of genetically modified. This acumen stems partially from the burgeoning health consciousness, particularly within the constraints placed upon by a hectic, metropolitan environment. As one of the pioneering Organic retailers in Singapore, we strive to provide an increasingly relevant selection of groceries to cater to the unique and amorphous dietary landscape that we find ourselves in.