At Eat Organic, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best and freshest organic produce for you. Founded in 2001 by a group of friends who wanted to make quality organic products available at competitive prices in Singapore, Eat Organic has stayed convicted to this belief. Eat Organic is now a leading organic retailer in Singapore, and boasts a wide selection of fresh organic groceries available daily, sourced both locally and internationally. Our friendly and personalized service is grounded firmly in our understanding that nutrition, diet and wellbeing are inherently specialized needs, and we strive to assist customers in the best way possible. You have the right to healthy food.

A purveyor of organic, natural and specialty products, we understand the diverse dietary and healthcare needs of people in a contemporary, changing and cosmopolitan society.

Our Vision

To inculcate a general awareness towards healthy and wholesome living

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive range of fresh and curated organic and natural produce and groceries for holistic well-being

Our Goal

To be your trusted and friendly Organic Grocer!